West Clermont School Board Remains Deadlocked

On Monday night, the four remaining members of the West Clermont School Board remained deadlocked on filling their board vacancy. The votes were two-versus-two on every recommendation to appoint a successor to the seat left open due to the passing away of former board member, Mark Merchant.

The meeting was contentious at times with board President, Tina Sanborn, making several calls for “decorum” during the evening.

An array of supporters for potential appointees attended the meeting and several citizens took the opportunity to speak in favor of their preferred candidates. A majority of those who did speak, backed appointee candidate, Jeff Kohls. The rest were divided thinly among the other possible appointees.

Several votes were taken to secure an appointment, but all votes split evenly. Unable to move forward, the board voted to recommend that the decision be turned over to the hands of Clermont Common Pleas and Probate/Juvenile Court Judge, Hon. James A. Shriver.

Pictures from the meeting:




Citizen speakers.



From Pierce Township, Karen Pointer, in favor of Jeff Kohls.Karen_Pointer

From Union Township, Jerry Fraley, in favor of Jeff Kohls.Jerry_Fraley

From Pierce Township, Ken Walston, in favor of Jeff Kohls.


From Union Township, Neil Maurer, in favor of Jeff Kohls.Neil_Maurer

From Union Township, Jennifer Bond, in favor of Jeff Kohls.


From Union Township, Stuart Kennedy, in favor of Jeff Kohls.Stuart_Kennedy

From Union Township,  Howard Hines, in favor of Jeff Kohls.


From Union Township, Debra Siegroth, in favor of Denise Smith.Debbie_SiegrothJeff Kohls with Union Township Trustee, Lloyd Acres.Jeff_Kohls_and_Lloyd_Acres

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Recap, Pix & Video of HB 237 Discharge Petition Rally

Originally posted on Education Freedom

Because the efforts to address the boondoggle that is Race to the Top & Common Core have been largely ignored by our misinformed and complicit progressive legislature, hundreds of Ohioans attended a meeting at the statehouse yesterday, to support the release of a discharge petition on Rep. Andy Thompson’s Sub HB 237 (Common Core repeal).

The discharge petition would bring the [tabled] bill out of committee and up for a vote, and yes, the illogical, illiterate excuses from complicit, progressive Republicans are already overflowing, but we’ll address that later.

Please call your state representative and ask them to sign the discharge petition.

If he/she refuses, then frankly, they are part of the problem and need replaced for at the very least, they either agree with the national takeover of education or refuse to read the documentation that would inform them of such.

We should not have to beg our elected officials, whose salary & lifetime benefits we are forced to pay, to honor their oaths.  Complicit or ignorant…both are unacceptable.

Here are a couple of videos explaining the process.  The first by Sub HB 237 author, State Rep. Andy Thompson, and the second by Rep. John Adams, who is perhaps the most aptly named Representative in the Ohio legislature:


Much obliged to Ted Stevenot, and Ann Becker who did a fantastic job cataloging this event.  Please click here to read more in depth coverage of the event!

If Ohio R’s continue on this path, 2014 & 2016 may yield entirely different outcomes than anyone in the nation anticipates.

ObamaCare & Common Core if they win, ObamaCare & Common Core if they lose.  The only difference would be the letter of the alphabet behind the name of the progressive in power.


West Clermont Shrugged?

We can all speculate on why it happened to turn out this way, but the explanation lies no different from any of the last few levy failures. This community is not one big collective and probably never will be given its size. What sticks out most is that this district, with apologies to Ayn Rand, SHRUGGED.

While many have explained to me that Political Action Committees ran roughshod over the district’s positive message, many residents never even heard the message. The message was to “Restore and Protect”. I venture a guess that most people didn’t investigate exactly what that meant. If they investigated further, busing, pay-to-play fees and art/music/gym were only partially restored. If they investigated further, All Day Every Day Kindergarten and a New Secondary Curriculum were new spending items. It’s what the parents said they wanted, but a large percentage of them stayed home on election day. They shrugged.

The district accomplished a few positive things this year under Mr. Kline, but did little to highlight them in their messages to voters. In fact, the marketing strategies used may do more to hurt their cause as any other. For some reason, they don’t seem to care to investigate why people vote against the levy and what it will take to engage the thousands voters who turned out to pass the last one in 2009. That horse has been bludgeoned enough. In other words, they shrugged.

The new school board candidates that will fill three new seats also matched a single slate card. Although they are not in lockstep opinion, no candidate seemed to get more attention than Jim Lewis. His stance on education and his political views have been front and center since the election. Families question whether or not he has the best interest of the district, and they should. While the linked article is biased, as Plunderbund is, it’s not out of step from those unhappy with the election outcome posting their opinions on Facebook.

That’s not to say that’s what Jim or the other new members’ intentions are malicious or that they will do any better or worse than the bunch that helped put this district into these predicaments. I encourage families to challenge any board member that isn’t working toward improving the district’s situation. It’s an uphill climb, and the uncertainty hangs over the district like a fog. The past board seemed to shut down any with dissenting views, and I challenge the new board to make the process more transparent and allow greater participation in the process. Otherwise, they shrug too, and we all lose.

After years of research and hours upon hours of writing to inform people, many seem to have lost sight of the focus of this site. To provide information and enhance discussion. After all the problems that have been encountered, many of you did nothing. No research. No fact checking. No challenging the prior boards. That’s your choice. My choice was easy. Sorry. I shrug.

I enjoyed some tea with a few interesting people the other day to discuss the election results. Two were candidates that did not win, and the third a friend who enjoys pestering me about my compositions here. In discussing the district, we agreed on as many things and had an impasse on a few others. We all want the best education for the students in our community, but bridging the divide would take some shared sacrifice. One thing for certain is that the district lacks leadership from the board, and really needs it now. Where it comes from it not clear given the split board, a worried administration and wobbly financial status. What is apparent, is that in order for it to work, a lot of people are going to have to check their egos at the door. Our friendly and frank discussion furthers understanding and finds common ground that can be a starting point. Hopefully the board can follow suit. That small conversation is what was supposed to happen here all these years, and is missing from today’s discourse. For those that want anything more, all I can say is, try it yourself. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.


Clermont County Election 2013 Results

The unofficial results are IN.


Big Changes in West Clermont as the levy goes down 56-44% and three new board members.

Williamsburg levy passes 64-36%.

See all the board results and voting tallies in the link above.