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West Clermont School Board Candidates 2013

There are 3 openings for West Clermont School Board for November 2013. Long time board member Joann Beamer and current board president Doug Young are not running for re-election. There are seven certified candidates on the ballot: Sara M. Heimbold, Jim Lewis, Mark R. Merchant, Jim Rudy, David Schaeff, Denise Smith and Steve Waldmann.

9 thoughts on “West Clermont School Board Candidates 2013

  1. Mark Beuerlein

    Well, well. Got some retired members, huh. There is a surprise. maybe that is better than going to jail.

  2. Ed Skelly

    Just received an expensive, glossy, oversize picture postcard from Superintendent Keith Kline via the West Clermont School District. Are there any rules about the district/superintendent and lobbying?

    1. sc schools Post author


      I’ve received more than a few calls/emails about this. I haven’t received it personally, but it depends on a number of things. Who is listed as paid for it, and whether or not it explicitly says to support the levy. If not paid for by the levy committee and listed as such that would be an issue if it asks for the vote. The schools walk up to that line in many levy campaigns, as they get guidance from OSBA and other groups on how to toe the line.

    1. sc schools Post author

      Hey John,

      I have received a number of emails/calls about their relationship. They used to work together apparently. I don’t know Waldman other than he works at Kings as a finance resource officer or something like that. I heard there is a candidate night (league of women voters?) on the 21st. Perhaps that will tell more.

  3. Michele

    It appears I’m to late for this tidbit of info but… when a family decides to move what do they look for in a neighborhood… SCHOOLS. ..hence good schools=good property values. ..yep keep failing those levys.. that’s the smart thing!


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